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What Is Express Entry

Express Entry is Canada’s most popular economic class; It is an online system that manages immigration programs for permanent residency for skilled workers. Canadian experience class (CEC), federal skilled worker program (FSWP), federal skilled trades program (FSTP) are all administered under the express entry system.

Express entry is a point-based system in which, upon creating a profile online, you are assessed and ranked according to your comprehensive ranking system (CRS) score. Your profile will remain active for 12 months or less if you receive an invitation to apply (ITA).

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Express entry process explained

Before creating an express entry profile online, you must have:

  1. Results of your language proficiency test
  2. Report of your educational credential assessment (ECA)
  3. A valid passport/travel document
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What To Expect – A Visual Guide Of  Express Entry Process


Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)

Obtain ECA report


Approved Language Test

Obtain language test results


Selection Factors
(FSW Only)

Meet requirements and score minimum of 67/100


Express Entry Profile

Create online profile
Register with Job Bank of Canada (Valid job offer can boost up your score by 50-200 points)

Provincial Nominee (optional)

Nomination from a province can boost your score by 600 points


Permanent Resident

Arrive in Canada and become a landed immigrant


Permanent Residency Application Approval

Receipt of confirmation of permanent residence (COPR)


IRCC Review

Permanent residency application review by immigration, refugee and citizenship Canada



Within 60 days of receiving ITA, submit medical and police clearance and supporting documents


Invitation To Apply (ITA)

ITA received if your score meets or exceeds cut-off score according to tie-breaking rule

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Who Can Immigrate Via Express Entry?

The express entry system manages applications for three economic programs and each program has its own requirements. These are:

Canadian experience class (CEC)
Federal skilled workers (FSW) program
Federal skilled trades (FST) program

Provinces and territories can also recruit you if your education and skills are required to fill gaps in the labor market. A provincial nomination can boost your CRS score up by 600 points thereby raising your chances of receiving an invitation to apply.

What Is The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Criteria?
See CRS Graphic Below:

  • Human Capital,
  • Spouse/Common-Law (CL),
  • Skill Transferability, and
  • Additional Points.

The diagram below shows how these points are allocated.

How Long Is My Express Entry Profile Valid?

Once you create your online express entry profile and meet the minimum requirements, you will be ranked according to your CRS score. Your profile will be active for 12 months and you must ensure that your educational credential assessment and language scores are valid otherwise you will not receive an invitation to apply (ITA).

If you have not been invited to apply yet, your profile will automatically expire. If you want to remain in the express entry pool, you need to create a new profile.

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Core/Human Capital

(Max 460 Points – With Spouse/CL)

  • Age = 100
  • Level of Education = 140
  • Language Proficiency= 150
  • Canadian Work Experience = 70

(Max 500 Points – Without Spouse/CL)

  • Age = 110
  • Level of Education = 150
  • Language Proficiency = 160
  • Canadian Work Experience = 80

Spouse/Common-Law Factors

(Max 40 Points)

  • Level of Education = 10
  • Language proficiency = 20
  • Canadian Work Experience = 10

Skills Transferability

Using Combination Factors:
(Max 100 Points)

EDUCATION (Max 50 Points)

  • Language & Degree = 50
  • Canadian Work Experience = 50
  • Language & Foreign Work Experience = 50
  • Canadian & Foreign Work Experience = 50
(Trades) – Max 50 Points
  • Language & Certificate of Qualification = 50

Additional Factors

(Max 600 Points)

  • Canadian or PR Siblings = 15
  • French Language = 50
  • Canadian Degree = 30
  • Arranged Employment = 200
  • Provincial Nomination = 600
A+B+C+D = Maximum 1,200 Total Points

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)

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