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Business Immigrants

Canada welcomes individuals with entrepreneurial experience, talent and the innovation to start, manage or buy a Canadian business. Canada’s goal is to promote economic development and employment.

The business immigration program offers permanent residence through:

✓ Provincial nominee programs

✓ Federal start-up visa program

✓ Self-employed persons category

Business Immigration
Business Immigration

Federal Start-Up Visa:

This program is ideal for individuals who have an innovative business idea and can demonstrate the ability to create jobs as well as be able to potentially scale up internationally. The program recruits and links eligible entrepreneurs with private sector businesses in Canada.

Business Immigration

Self-Employed Persons Program:

Are you a professional athlete, artisan or an individual with at least 2 years of relevant experience in cultural activities (drama & theatre, librarian, media professionals, sport coach or referee, etc) and are willing to make a significant contribution to the cultural or athletic life in Canada? Then this program may be for you.

There is no minimum net worth or investment requirement under this program, however you must be able demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to settle in Canada along with your dependents.

Business Immigration
Do you have what it takes to become self-sufficient in Canada based on your professional or technical experience in art, culture, recreation or sports ?

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