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How to tell if an immigration consultant is real or a scam

17 June 2022

Immigration business is a trillion-dollar business and therefore it comes as no surprise why there are millions of fake consultants and agents posing to be genuine and greedy to get a part of this trillion dollar pie.

This blog that I write today is an important read to protect yourself, your family, friends, neighbours, and society at large from becoming a victim of immigration fraud.

IRCC has made it very clear on their website as to who is authorised to provide immigration advice and yet thousands of you become victims to this fraud daily.

Under Canadian law, only 3 types of persons are permitted to provide immigration advice for a fee. These are:

If they are not members in good standing, you should not use their services. You should be able to check online to see if a person is a member in good standing, otherwise do not hire them.

Tips on how to protect yourself from becoming the next victim of immigration fraud:

  1. Beware of representatives who encourage you to give false information in your application. Be aware of what your representative provides in the submission as any false information is against the law, and you could be denied entry into Canada or deported after you arrive. 

Did you know that withholding information or not knowing information about your immigration history is also the same as providing false information! 

  1. Do not sign blank forms and be fully aware of what you are signing. 
  2. Always get a copy of any document your representative adds to your application
  3. Always ensure you get a signed retainer agreement that must have the legal name and license number of the authorised consultant and yourself. 

Verify my status here (https://www.college-ic.ca/protecting-the-public/find-an-immigration-consultant)

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